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Premium Audit

Learn more about how AmTrust's workers' compensation insurance audit process works.

Discover the correct chargeable payroll, in accordance with applicable state rules

Confirm your business is assigned to the correct workers’ compensation classification

Assign each of your workers to the appropriate classification

AmTrust Announces New Audit Noncompliance Charge

To comply with state bureaus and the National Council on Compensation (NCCI), AmTrust introduced a new audit noncompliance charge for workers’ compensation premiums. If a policyholder does not complete the request for a premium audit, the ANC will be applied to the policyholder’s initial estimated annual premium based on the specific rate for their state. For more information about the ANC, please download our PDF.

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View our Premium Audit Videos

Premium Audit Commercial

Premium Audit Commercial

Agent Audit Report Tool

Agent Audit Report Tool

Premium Audit Frequently Asked Questions

Premium audits are vitally important – not only do they determine the final premium for an insurance policy, but the data collected is later submitted to rating organizations, such as NCCI and independent bureaus, to be used in developing experience modifiers and loss costs. Be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about AmTrust’s premium audit process.

Complete Your Audit Online

All AmTrust Workers’ Compensation policyholders who are eligible for a mail audit can complete their audits online. We now feature a new and improved online process that offers:

  • Expedited service using an intuitive form that allows for fast and easy completion
  • Automatic endorsements on applicable policies
  • Quicker refunds (if eligible)

Simply log in to AmTrust Online and select “Start an Audit” to begin the process. Follow the on-screen instructions to fill out each form: General, Payroll, Verification, Subcontractors and Summary.

This helpful guide will assist your clients in using the new online audit feature. Download guide.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 877.528.7878, and we’ll be glad to help you through this process.


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AmTrust Premium Audit

We initially charge premium based upon estimated payroll at the beginning of the policy term. To ensure these figures are accurate and classifications are appropriate, all workers’ compensation policies are subject to an audit to determine actual premium.

Audit Methods

Physical - Audits are sent to a third-party firm to review the insured’s payroll information for the policy period, as well as their operations to verify their premium accurately reflects their coverage. The auditor will return their summary to us to complete the audit endorsement.

If your policy is assigned for a physical on-site audit, you can expect to be contacted by our audit representative after your policy expires or is canceled.

Mail Audit - A voluntary or mail audit is an audit completed by the insured using forms that are mailed to them, or you can complete these online. The insured must submit this summary and return it back to us along with payroll-supporting documents to complete the audit endorsement. It is different from a physical audit, which is completed by sending an auditor to the insured's location to complete the process for them in person.

If your policy is assigned for a mail audit, you can expect to receive an audit form shortly after your policy expires or is canceled.

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