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About Us

About Us

Since the inception of AmTrust Financial Services, our business model has been focused on generating steady, stable and positive growth.
Who We Are

AmTrust Financial Services is a niche specialty property and casualty insurance company with nearly 8,000 employees worldwide. We have grown to become an industry-leading insurance provider, focusing on small business insurance solutions with an emphasis on workers’ compensation. We are rated “A-” (Excellent) with a Financial Size of “XV” by A.M. Best.

AmTrust has been defined by a spirit of entrepreneurialism and innovation from its onset. It is the unique blend of AmTrust’s people and culture, our vision, mission and core values that will continue to differentiate us as we carve out our future success.
Company News

Since the inception of AmTrust Financial Services, our business model has been focused on generating steady, stable and positive growth. As we continue to grow and as the insurance industry continues to change, it's important to be in-the-know regarding all of our developments and updates.
AmTrust At a Glance
  • 500,000 + small commercial policies in force
  • A.M. Best “A-” (Excellent) with a Financial Size of “XV”
  • Loss Control Department providing one of the most effective risk management support programs available
  • Flexible payment options (including Pay-As-You-Owe®) that give customers a say in how they pay
  • Customized coverage and over 350 eligible classes of business

We are dedicated to finding the right individuals for the right roles. Choose your own career path from positions in a range of departments:
Information Technology

Information technology in the field of property and casualty insurance is a vital part of our business. The exchange of information in this environment is critical to our success.


Accountants at AmTrust provide reporting, regulatory compliance and functional consulting. They contribute to day-to-day operational services.


Our sales teams help agents and their clients choose plans that suit them. Members of this team ensure that every customer has the right suite of services to meet their business needs.

AmTrust also offers exciting career paths for highly qualified and motivated individuals who specialize in focused business disciplines like Marketing, claims, underwriting, IT and more.

Check out our Careers Page to see what's available right now.


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